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1 April 1980
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I'm a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. I work in the Modern User Authenticators team inside Windows Security and Identity division where I concentrate on smart card technology. I've been here for about 8 years and think it's great. I love the area and my job. It's pretty hard to beat. I'm married to aquafemme. She's awesome, etc. Our personalities fit together like puzzle pieces to make one nice picture.

Before living here, I attended the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. While I was there I worked in the computer center first as a User Consultant and then as a Systems Programmer. For a couple of summers and my final semester, I did some intern work at Sandia National Labs working on defeating OS fingerprinting utilizing the Netfilter architecture available in the Linux kernel. This is also where I started my Discover-a-Dish project. It's a fun hobby and I enjoy doing it. It teaches me different aspects of programming besides pure systems-level stuff.

I've been into computers since the 6th grade and electronics in general as far back as I can remember. I would take things apart to see all the pieces that went into making something. My current professional goals are to become fluent in the ways of the NT kernel and to have a big hand in future security technologies. One of the reasons I came to Microsoft to do security work is because I knew it would be a big challenge, but I would learn a ton while doing it and I would have the best opportunity possible to affect millions of peoples' computing experience.

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